Looking to increase the productivity of your sales reps?

For businesses with sales representatives seeking better efficiencies across their workforce, we have the answer. NetRep transforms your business into a mobile powerhouse for your sales reps to utilize when out on the road.

Keeping Track

In the world of sales, fulfilling clients needs in a timely manor is a must. With NetRep task Manager it make this job a lot easier. Keep track of all your tasks in the system and set friendly reminders to guarantee efficiency and not let clients feel ignored.

Appointment Setting

With personal calendars for all users of the system, you can easily track all appointments and manage your time professionally. Administrators can also see all staff calendars to track the where abouts of reps at any point in time.

Your Customers

NetRep allows your sales reps full access to all of your client cards including, contacts, addresses, past communication and notes. NetRep does not to be synced, when changes are made to client information it is accessible instantly.

Instant orders

Your sales reps can instantly produce quotations and place orders for all your clients out on the road to minimize the load on your administration staff. Order history can also be searched for recurring order placement.

Your inventory online

Make all your stock information available to your reps for pricing, availability, order status, location and much more.

Realtime performance

With Netrep reports track the progress of your reps including KPI's, realtime statastics, growth and even commissions. Visual representations make optaining information from reports a brief without the need to scroll through 10 pages of transactions.