Preparing for your new online project
How to get the most out of your website and your web developers

For businesses looking at getting a website developed for the first time, The golden question tends to be; how do we start and what do i do? We have posted this article to aid businesses in getting prepared for the project and how to get the most out of your development team.

As much as web developers and web designers like to think they know everything, unfortunately they are not mind readers and at times may not fully understand the concept you have for your business. Being able to effectively communicate your concept will save time, money and headaches!

Your Concept

Before embarking with your new online project it is important you spend some time thinking about the message you would like your new website to deliver to the world and build branding around it. Like the P's rule prior preparation will mean development will have higher chances of running smoothly and on time. Have a think about the use of colour you would like in your new site and the content you would like to post. For help in choosing colours please here.

Conveying Your Message

When conveying your design ideas, we recommend to all our clients to have a look at your competitors websites and other sites online. Mark down certain elements that you like about the sites to put forward to your web designer. The more descriptive you can be the sooner you will receive a design that you are happy with.

Forward thinking

Web design Trends tend to operate on a two to three year cycle before designs start to become seriously outdated. We would always recommend asking your web designer how expandable their design is. If down the track you need to add more pages will the design allow for this? Can the design be easily changed to keep it up with the times? is this design search engine friendly?

With some basic prior preparation any business can easily take advantage of the large variety of online resources available in a cost effective mannor that will aid your businesses marketing strategies.