Link Building to increase your website traffic
A practical approach to an effective link building campaign

When looking at increasing your website traffic (Search Engine Optimisation or SEO) an important factor in play is a link building campaign. Your placing in search engines is highly dependent upon inbound links. Well planned link campaigns can significantly increase traffic to your website and ultimately equate to a higher volume of sales.

When looking at a link building campaign, as a business there are two main options to be considered:

  1. Outsourcing your online marketing efforts to a professional online representation company.
  2. Creating an effective plan and implementing your campaign internally.

Outsourcing your marketing will almost always deliver great results as these marketing companies are familiar with the methods involved to deliver results however this will usually come at a substantial cost which puts these services out of reach of your typical business inside the SME marketplace.

For this reason we wanted to explore an effective way in which a business could internally go about a successful link building campaign.

 As always the important part of any online campaign is planning and execution. Create a plan around how much you would like to achieve and carry it out giving it 100% effort.

So lets get started!

When creating link networks there are several different types of links to consider:

  • reciprocal links – Two way links that operate between two different locations or that reciprocate each other
  • One way links  - Links that flow in one direction and do not return to the source.
  • Back Links – Links that link back to your website which is a type of one way linking.
  • Resource Links – Resource linking is quite commonly used when writing articles to provide links to external content which may aid the reader in relevance to the article
  • Directory Links – Similar to back links however usually the link is within a categorized network such as True Local.

There are many other types of links however lets keep to the basic ones this time. Each type of link can be effective in specific avenues or mediums. When building your link campaign you need to plan where you will deploy links and which type of links you will utilize. As an example, a great link building campaign will focus on some of the following areas:

  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs and blog comments
  • Business directories such as Yellow Pages and True Local
  • Industry related articles
  • Viral marketing 
  • Forums
  • Video promotions  
  • Your own website

If you are considering a link building campaign my recommendation would be to pick a few areas off this list and focus on them to start off. When running internal marketing it is important and far more beneficial to start off with only a few avenues and give them the attention required as opposed to spreading yourself too thin.

When you are planning on deploying your links across the mediums always think about what the appeal is for your audience to click on your link. A random link in an unrelated forum is not going to draw too much attention. Target your audience via your chosen medium to ensure the highest results. Keep your USP’s (unique selling point) in mind when you are placing your links as well. For example what can your website offer the end user that no other can or how is your website different to others in similar industries. Make your links appealing so that the user is intrigued to go to your site rather than ignoring it.

Having articles on your website is a fantastic resource when looking at a link building campaign.  Mediums such as Facebook, forums or other industry related articles are a great place to post links to your library of knowledge.

Business directories are another avenue worth considering. Companies like True Local and Yellow pages devote themselves to bringing their content listing high in search engines. Being part of these networks and having back links to your website will always assist in your search for higher traffic.

Other mediums such as You Tube can also be beneficial. Creating and posting industry related videos with links back to your website can grab a lot of attention and get your audience interested in what you have to offer

When you take on a link building campaign it is important to look at not only inbound links but your outbound as well. Creating outbound or reciprocal link networks with related websites will significantly aid your cause. These could be links to your suppliers or partnering companies to your own. Think about anything you link to that will increase the users experience once on your website. This after all is something that search engines place substantial weight on.

The last but equally important part of your campaign is monitoring and reporting. Keep a track on where your links are and make sure you do not have any dead links. Using an analytical engine such Google Analytics can allow you to track links that your traffic uses to arrive at your site. This information gives you the ability to judge which mediums are working for you the best as well as which mediums may need more attention.

A successful link building campaign will act like a funnel, channeling large amounts of traffic towards your website. Remember, plan, act, report

Happy Linking